Be a little Pebble against the Liberal Goliaths.

Ok I admit it. Occasionally, I fail.
I allow myself the self-indulgence of becoming overwhelmed with the wrongs of the world. From midnight tonight in the UK, the very first gay ‘marriages’ will legally be allowed to take place. It seems that we have lost the legal fight for the time being. We shouted and protested and wrote letters to our MP’s, and regularly acquired new nick-names such as ‘bigot’ ‘homophobe’ ‘religious fanatic’ and my personal favorite – ‘repressed dinosaur’!
But it is not just the secular world that is wrong at the moment. Even more upsetting has been the recent outspoken views of the German bishops regarding marriage within the church, and the slack criteria for being able to receive our Lord in the Holy Eucharist.
We have also recently seen one particular UK liberal Bishop use his power to silence a faithful and traditional Catholic Deacon blogger for the reason that he was criticizing liberal Bishops! Now it seems we can not even oppose those who disagree with what the church teaches – because they happen to be the ones in power.

What are we supposed to do?
Answer: Be a little pebble.

We each are members of Gods holy church, and we each have a responsibility to ensure that the beautiful truths it teaches are protected from attack – whether that be from the outside world, or from inside the church itself.

Be a little pebble when people no longer listen to your shouting or allow you to protest.
Be a little pebble when bishops campaign for the right of their flock to be able to receive our Lord whilst being in a state of mortal sin. 
Be a little pebble when people in your own parish try to suppress and destroy any initiatives you have to correctly evangelize people, using beautiful true and faithful church teachings based on Holy scripture, the CCC, Youcat and Papal documents because it challenges their flimsy liberal personal opinions.
With faith as your catapult, launch yourself out of your comfort zone and into the stratosphere of radical holiness. Let go of your own ideas and entrust yourself to God’s  strategy and plan. Use Holy Eucharist, Confession, Prayer from the heart (daily Rosary), Holy Scripture and Fasting as your propulsion. Decide today for radical holiness. Pray! Pray! Pray! Put God in the FIRST place in your life and let our Lord and His Mother guide your trajectory.
You see, if the little pebble is aimed correctly, it can slay a Goliath with one hit. One hit. 
But what happens if we all start becoming little pebbles? With all of us together we would become a tsunami of pebbles endlessly flowing towards the liberal falsities that surround us. No Goliath could possibly withstand this massive tidal wave of truth.
With lots of little pebbles under its feet, that Goliath will fall. (Have you ever tried to stand up in a child’s ball pond?! It’s impossible!!).

Be a little pebble. Be truth and beauty. Do not be afraid.

“In the end, my immaculate heart will triumph.” – Our Lady of Fatima

4 thoughts on “Be a little Pebble against the Liberal Goliaths.

  1. What you wrote is just what I needed today.Thank you.One day at a time starting today I will be a little pebble .Wear my scapular and Pray. God Bless you.

  2. We started off as little pebbles, and then all the little pebbles met each other and became a boulder….

    Of course it is rare that so many people came together and say enough is enough, but the story does give some hope where there has been many abuses for a number of years. Louth is historic in Catholic terms, but there was a crisis of Faith there. The priest was not at fault. The previous priest had been bullied out of the parish by the liberals for being a good and orthodox man. There was a strain of Anglican’s that had converted and forgot to leave their old religion behind and effectively polluted the Catholic Faith at St. Mary’s (i.e. everything became more and more dumbed down).

    If you don’t think it was that bad then we had a women with learning difficulties being told that she was praying in the church too much (she never came back to pray again in the day). There were a number of parishioners who had had to leave because of what was described as an ‘un-Christian attitude of those who were perceived to be running the place’. It is also well known for being one of the most unfriendly parishes in the country. One 90 year old said he’d been going for 21 years and apart from a cursory greeting, no one had ever spoken to him. This is a comment that we are sill hearing. I was even party to a conversation with a local priest who was told by a St. Mary’s parishioner that “You are treated like an imbecile at St. Mary’s for practicing the Faith”.

    Well, one day enough was enough and a combination of devout Catholics did something about it. There result of the first year can be seen in the link below:


    • If you want to do a post about this then feel free. We hear a lot about the negative stuff in some blogs out there, but a post about a church that said ‘enough was enough’ and then did something about it and changed things for the better would make a change. Your blog is upbeat which always makes a change.