Video: Irish Lesbian ‘married’ couple applauded at Catholic Mass.


Two women in a same-sex “marriage” have been applauded during Mass at St Michael’s church, Athy, Diocese of Dublin, while the faithful Catholic who expressed concerns about their leadership roles in the parish has been advised by the clergy to stay away.

As of yesterday, Jacinta O’Donnell and Geraldine Flanagan resumed their roles leading the adult and children’s choir at St Michael’s church, and as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, having announced on Kildare radio that they had been ‘forced’ to resign by a fellow parishioner two days earlier.

Anthony Murphy, the editor of The Catholic Voice newspaper, had raised concerns about whether it was appropriate for two lesbians in a same-sex “marriage” to have such public and prominent roles within the parish.

In the presence of five priests and a church packed with many who rarely attend Mass, Jacinta O’Donnell and Geraldine Flanagan led the choir in singing “I will follow him” from the film ‘Sister Act’. The two women held hands and bowed as many in the congregation applauded and cheered. This occurred on the sanctuary as the 5 priests processed out at the end of Mass.

Mr. Murphy, editor of the newspaper Catholic Voice, says that he received a death threat during a hate campaign “whipped up” by local Sinn Fein councillors, and has been advised by the local curate and police not to attend Mass at St Michael’s due to concerns about his safety.

“Just an update regarding the situation with the two “married” women in my local parish. They have resigned from their positions in the Church BUT today a mob has been whipped up into a frenzy by among others some of the local councillors and I am now the subject of a pretty intensive hate campaign. One Sinn Fein councillor has been particularly active in this regard and as a result of this incitement I have now received a death threat!! Apparently I am no longer welcome and I have been threatened by members of the local Sinn Fein Party not to go into my local town unless I have a ‘death wish.”


Jacinta O’Donnell and Geraldine Flanagan

Mr. Murphy contacted his parish priest about his concerns about the prominent role of the women in the parish who were so publicly contravening the Church’s clear teaching against same-sex “marriage”, recently reiterated at the Synod on the Family. He did not receive a helpful response from his parish priest. Instead, Jacinta O’Donnell and Geraldine Flanagan have claimed that “parish priest Canon Frank McEvoy has been supportive of them” and that they had “not been asked to resign by the clergy”.

“My parish priest sees nothing wrong with two lesbians –who have entered into a same-sex ‘marriage’ — running the parish choir and acting as  Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  In fact, he was quite content for them to hand out invitations to their ‘wedding’ in the church after choir practise! Is it any wonder that the Church is in such a crisis?”.

Mr Murphy told The Irish Times that, because of their relationship, the couple had already resigned positions with the Lay Dominicans Ireland of which Ms Flanagan had been president and Ms O’Donnell was president of its Athy chapter. It was “a similar issue” in Athy parish, he felt.

“The choir is on the altar, almost centre stage with the priest. It’s a very public contradiction [with church teaching banning same-sex marriage]. The church has to decide whether it believes what it teaches,” he said.

The saddest thing about this story is the the two women are being encouraged in their relationship by their priest, rather than receiving help regarding their same-sex attraction. The Catholic church welcomes all people with same-sex attraction and invites them to live a chaste life, along with all others (gay, straight or celibate) who are not married.

If you are experiencing same-sex attraction and would like someone to talk to in a non-judgmental and friendly way, please visit

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9 thoughts on “Video: Irish Lesbian ‘married’ couple applauded at Catholic Mass.

  1. Marriage as a partnership between a man and a woman is rooted in the socio-biology of humanity; it is a part of our cultural DNA and symbolises something central to human self-understanding, irrespective of sexual orientation. What civil states like Ireland are proposing is a sort of cultural genetic modification, which is as fraught as GM with dangers that we cannot even anticipate. Marriage is a cultural archetype that in some, intuitive way can only be destroyed by being modified, to the detriment of all humanity. Unfortunately by and large the church in Ireland has apostatised, by their fruit you will know them. Ireland may have many ‘Catholics’, acting like baptised pagans and for want of true Shepherds the flock are doing their own thing, ‘playing at religion’ and treating the church as a social club where anything goes as long as it’s not biblical.
    The church, the Body of Christ, is meant to be the light to the world and the salt of the earth. If the church is not being to the world what Jesus said was two of the major responsibilities of the church; then the world (nations) will gravitate to absolute evilness. The condition of any nation is based on the church, the Body of Christ. “If my people are called by my name shall repent humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins, and will save their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14” The church in Ireland is seeking to build its own kingdom and not the Kingdom of God. It is failing to take its God given responsibilities of being the salt of the earth, and a light to the world. Dark days ahead for Ireland.

  2. I’ve been involve in the praise & worship ministry for many years and it has always been my desire to glorify the Lord. I’ve never given a ‘performance’. Theatres or town halls are the places for doing that. I’ve just watched the video at the top of this article and I cannot believe that this was at a Mass where Calvary is re-presented. What a mockery, my heart is sad…….. !!!

  3. What a travesty I am a practicing Roman Catholic and this is against all the Teaching of the Church.Pope Francis may think being all things to all peoples is great but the central message of the Christian Faith cannot be bartered away for political expediency.
    I feel truly sorry for the faithful Catholic who has been turned away so this abomination can go on as normal within a Catholic church it heralds a new low in Rome`s thinking and its decay on the true message of Christ.We Traditionalists are now being viewed as some kind of Heretical species to be got rid of or just ignored.

  4. How appropriate…. fake Catholics in a fake marriage singing a song from a movie about a fake nun who is a lose Vegas call girl played by an actress who is a serial murderer of her own children.

    Slouching toward Gomorrah are we?

  5. The important thing now is not the same-sex marriage issue but for everyone to come together to support Anthony Murphy against the threats from Sinn Fein. The Bishop and PP really need to speak out on this , as do Jacinta & Geraldine. Sinn Fein are a bunch of Nazis