It all sounds like gibberish to me.


Tower of Babel

My priest gave a great Pentecost homily today. He Began by talking about the tower of Babel. The rather over confident (more like arrogant) people of that time wanted to build a tower high enough to reach God – ie. they wanted to control God. When God saw what they were trying to do He confused all their languages. In the confusion and communication breakdown the whole project failed.

Then we have Pentecost. The Holy Spirit descends on the disciples and they suddenly realise they have the ability to speak in all different tongues. They are understood by everyone.


What struck me about these two situations was the issue of control. The people building the tower of Babel wanted complete control. The fools wanted a relationship with God, but they wanted to be in charge. God wasn’t having any of it! They were completely full of themselves. The tower of Babel and desire to be in control was mans initiative.

In contrast, the disciples had let go of themselves and their own ideas had been filled with the Holy Spirit. They had all received many spiritual gifts – power, if you will, but it was God’s power and they knew and respected that. They were not full of themselves but were full of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost was God’s initiative.


If we take these ideas into the present day we can see that things have not changed so much! Within the Catholic Church we have certain pro-abortion ‘Theologians’, and certain pro-divorce and remarriage Cardinals. We have the pink clergy brigade and the lunacy of the coven of banshee’s that will not stop screeching about female ordination.

Honestly, some of the stuff these guys come out with is so hard to get one’s head around – it would be easier to decipher and translate an army of Minions than it would be to work out what those groups are saying.

All these groups do seem to want a relationship with God, but they want it on their terms. Oh but hang on a minuet, I do too. There were many years I was having a relationship with Christ but refused to stop using contraception. And then there was the phase when I used to use prayer as an escape from the duties of a wife and a mother. That phase must have been rather tiresome for God. I would turn up to pray feeling all holy and excellent, and then I would just run the show and talk, talk, talk and wouldn’t let God get a word in edgeways! I couldn’t risk actually listening to God – He might tell me that the best place to find Him was in the pots and pans! 😉  – (Teresa of Avila).

And then there is the issue of suffering. “I promise I will believe in You God and I’ll never do anything wrong again – just as long as You don’t ask me to suffer in my life, ever. Well maybe a little bit but only as much as I say is ok…” 


We all try to control God in our subtle little ways. It stems from our chronic lack of trust and chronic lack of humility problem. Yeah, that’s  what was afflicting the Tower of Babel builders, and that’s what affects us today. And when we begin to rely on ourselves in this life we soon find that nothing makes sense – just like the Babel builders did.

But as we see from Pentecost, when we let go of ourselves and our own ideas in complete humility and trust, God can then come and fill that space with His Spirit, and all of a sudden everything makes sense – even the really crazy impossible paradoxical stuff like agape love. We must let go, and let God.

I’m still working on it… 😉

3 thoughts on “It all sounds like gibberish to me.


    Worshipping You between pots and pans
    keeps me out of spiritual drowsiness
    and while I’m doing my kitchen dance
    I ask You to overlook my busyness

    I’m hurrying up to come to You
    to reside in Godly Adoration
    I’m jumping like a kangaroo
    for there is no capitulation

    My busy bee, just keep talking
    “cleaning” your cups and dishes
    sounds like melodious rocking
    come, tell Me all your wishes

    While doing boring house chores
    I’m thinking of Your dear Mother
    I picture Her cleaning the floors
    while little Jesus tries to totter

    My child, even while being very busy
    keep your soul in quiet adoration
    your words and thoughts are very fizzy
    I compare it to an exceptional oration

    I love You so much, my Lord and My God
    All my needs You’ve allowed and foreseen
    You the eternal Just, keep me in Your squad
    for I often have to walk on a trampoline

    Lord let me never go astray,
    from your prodigious way
    Rita Biesemans, January 16 2015
    written for the busy housewife


    When all goes well it’s easy to say
    but when life leads you astray
    cause nothing is nice and dandy
    the soil to walk on gets very sandy

    Child, keep following My footprints
    the path you walk on has many flints
    thistles and thorns,rocks and stones
    hurt your feet and might break bones

    Don’t give up, daughter, keep going
    your love for Me will keep growing
    I see your shedding of salty tears 
    your sighings resound in My ears

    I understand you daughter all too well
    I hear you ring and ring the alarm bell
    remember I promised to be at your side
    never forget that in your soul I abide

    Living in this wayward obscure world
    in which each one in himself is curled
    even when gathered  with the  crowds 
    Lord, hasten Your coming on the Clouds

    I think, O my Lord, that You prefer rather
    to be a forgiving than a punishing Father
    thus free us please of this hell of a mess
    and shower us with Your Merciful caress.

    Lord, I offer you all my pains and sorrows
    my yesterdays, my todays and tomorrows
    do with me whatever You deem salutary
    I promise You I’ll behave very ancillary

    Rita Biesemans February 21 2015

  3. When a congregation comes together and everyone is of the one mind and heart, then all things are possible for that Church. ‘Yahweh came down to see the town and the tower that the sons of man had built. ‘So they are all a single people with a single language!’ ‘There will be nothing too hard for them to do’. (Gen.11: 6-7) Nothing can stop man from doing what he wants to do providing he is speaking the same language. ‘They lifted up their voice to God all togetherAs they prayed, the house where they were assembled rocked; they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to proclaim the word of God boldly’. (Acts.4: 24-32). God says that nothing is impossible to us, when we speak the one language
    ‘All you need to say is “Yes” if you mean yes, “No” if you mean no; anything more than this comes from the evil one’. (Matt.5: 37)
    The ten spies who gave a bad report turned a whole nation back into the wilderness by what they said with their mouths. They said, “Oh that we had died in the wilderness.” The Lord replied, “I will deal with you according to the very words you have used in my hearinghere in this wilderness, to the last man, they shall die” (Nos 14:27-35). Apart from Joshua and Caleb, not one of them survived”.

    We are ‘ensnared by the words of our mouth’. (Pro 6:2). In other words, what you say is what you get. Words betray the heart. ‘For a man’s words flow out of what fills his heart’. (Matt 12:34-37). As a Christian, when Satan looks at you, he is meant to see a reflection of the Lord Jesus. The only two things that will tell him who you are, is the way you behave and the way that you speak, think about that! Our faith will never rise above the words of our mouth.

    In taking Jericho the Lord put a fast of words upon them, and they had to march around the city walls for seven days without saying anything. The Lord told them ‘Do not utter even a word’ (Jos.6: 10). So for seven days they marched in silence, never breaking rank, fasting their words and then at the precise time they began to give a shout and the walls came tumbling down. Why! Because there was unity in what they were saying with their mouths. This is what Jesus meant when he said that ‘If any two of you on earth agree to ask anything at all, it will be granted to you by my Father in heaven’. (Matt. 18: 19-20). The emphasis is on unity in mind and heart and where there is unity there is power.
    There’s wisdom in obedience to the lord even when we don’t understand how He’s going to bring about the answer. After forty years they began to learn the lesson and one of the greatest lessons that we need to get hold of is that ‘God watches over his word to perform it’. (Jer. 1:12). God is able to do anything; unfortunately our words can prevent him. Remember Zechariah, ‘since you have not believed my words, which will come true at their appointed time, you will be silenced and have no power of speech until this has happened’. (Lk.1: 20). We need to check out if anything we are doing or saying is making the word of God null and void. (Matt.15: 7)
    Egypt grew in might with earthly wisdom and the Lord sent a perverse spirit; and they began to argue to speak against and criticise one another. The word perverse means to say something in order to distort and to cast to the ground. ‘I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian, brother will fight against brother, neighbour against neighbour, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. The Egyptians will lose heart and their plans will come to nothing’. The Lord has poured into them a spirit of dizziness’ (Is.19: 1-3; 14) in a very short time that great nation had been reduced to ashes, because of their perverse speaking. When families and Churches speak evil against one another: THEY GO INTO THE DUST.

    In the letter of James in chapter three he tells us that ‘a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell’. The whole ship is controlled and guided by the rudder. He is saying, a mature Christian is one who has control over his tongue. Let us learn to speak creatively about ourselves and about those around us. Let us be ‘quick to listen, but slow to speak’. ‘Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones’. (Pro 16:24). This tells me that I can have healing for my bones by the words that I say with my mouth. ‘My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight; keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health for the whole body’. (Pro 4:20-22). God’s words are health for my whole body When I line my words up with the word of God, keeping them in my heart and before my eyes, then God will watch over his word to bring it to past. ‘The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit’. (Pro 18:21). Scripture tells us that we reap what we sow. In the parable of the sower the seeds that were sown were the seeds of God’s word. Our words are likened unto seeds and they will either produce life or they will produce death. ‘Zips’ are firelighters; we need to learn how to ‘zip’ the lip. Set a guard over my mouth, O Lord; Keep watch over the door of my lips. (Ps. 141:3).