Banana Flavoured Altar Cake!

For those of you who don’t know already, I had my own cake business for 9 years. I was sadly forced to close the business after same-sex marriage became law here in the UK last year, and it became pretty obvious pretty quickly that the law was not going to protect my right to follow my religious beliefs in regard to traditional marriage.

After all – I wouldn’t want anyone threatening to sue me now would I? πŸ˜‰

Well, it just so happens that a priest friend of mine was celebrating a significant birthday recently and I had the pleasure of making him a cake.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake. And before someone says “blahdy-blahdy-blah…” not everything is necessarily accurate. I have used a bit of artistic license! It is just a cake after all.

The cake itself was banana sponge, and the flowers are all made out of sugar. The monstrance, cross, pillars, and statue are plastic. The rest is made out of icing.Β The stained glass window is a giant biscuit filled with coloured melted sugar to make the glass. The whole thing took about 2 days to make. And yes – he loved it!

Anyway, all glory to God!… Enjoy!




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    This is great Clare! I’d love to taste your baking! Btw, why don’t you privately bake for church functions like First Holy Communions, Confirmations, etc. We have Bake Sales at our parish for Rel. Ed, Rosary/Altar Society, etc. all year long. Some cake and cupcake donors buy their gifts instead of baking them themselves. Bless you+

  2. Amazing!!! I’m sure it tastes as delicious as it looks.

    How tragic that you had to close your cake business cuz of the gay marriage ruling. We here in the US are just now starting to feel that ripple, though it might take longer to effect traditional marriage-supporting businesses than it did in the UK (though the social media barrage would be rougher than any lawyer’s suit once a business “comes out”, so to speak, as pro-traditional marriage).

    That’s good that you still make cakes by private request. I would hate for your talent to disappear from lack of use. Keep up the wonderful work!

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