Fr. Dan now publicly publishes letter saying he will NOT sue me because he’s poor- but continues to slander my name!


Well by the end of yesterday I was starting to feel a little bit of sympathy for Fr. Dan who has had to face the music. Then this morning he posts this *remarkable* letter on Twitter. He is still accusing me of abusive/insulting language towards him, yet still fails to produce any evidence of this AT ALL.

Thankfully he has admitted he was wrong in calling the Holy Spirit a female – he was simply re-tweeting Fr James Martin (who must also be wrong then?) And that the post in favour of gay marriage was ‘not his own views’ but simply put their to encourage discussion! Does this mean that you actually think the Marriage can only exist between 1 woman and 1 man Fr Dan? Would you like to actually come out and affirm that for us all? Go on – I dare you.

Well, I’m glad to see him apologise for his Holy Spirit comments …


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  1. I think Fr Dan over-reacted and was badly-advised, and that the threat to sue was needless, not least once you had removed the two things to which he had taken offence. Those two things could have been read as being personally offensive, and you were right to remove them to avoid any such imputation. In Christian charity, one has to take what he says as being so – namely that in both cases – the ‘female spirit’ and ‘gay marriage – he was encouraging debate. That being so, it was somewhat naive not to have expected the ‘debate’ to take the line it did. Either one wishes to engage in this sort of debate, or one doesn’t, but to encourage it and then try to shut it down with threats of resort to the law, is, shall we say, as unwise as it is understandable.

    All of that said, and despite your own feelings about what Fr Dan is saying in this letter, I wonder whether the better part is not now to offer those feelings up, and let this go? We should bear in mind what Fr Dan says, and that this has been something of an ordeal for him, as it has for you. You are both good and faithful children of the Church, and on this Trinity Sunday, let us recall the words of Psalm 133:1-3 – and let the heavens rejoice?

  2. Nice try, Chalcedon. “Good and faithful children of the church” — your words — don’t try to confuse Catholic dogma, or confuse others about same. Ye olde “I was just trying to start a debate” excuse doesn’t fly, especially for priests. The Catholic church is not the Oxford Union. Learn the difference.

  3. Lets hope that Fr. Dan has indeed learned a valuable lesson here and gets a good education in OFFICIAL Catholic teaching. Perhaps he be more careful in the future with his words and actions. People ARE watching and people WILL hold him accountable on earth, and God in heaven will certainly hold him accountable for each and ever soul Fr. Dan has badly effected.

  4. “…once you had removed the two things to which he had taken offence.”

    Chalcedon451, nothing has been removed from Clare’s blog. Fr Dan was asked to identify what he reckoned was libellous and offensive. He hasn’t.

    Please don’t seek to disseminate that nonsense.

    Fr Dan published a bit of rubbish. Clare was right in what she has said.

    He might wish to consider putting his hands up and admitting he made a couple of mistakes. I for one would feel a bit better towards him if he did.

  5. I suspect Father Dan’s backpedalling is due in no small part to the worldwide exposure his misdeeds have received and the feedback that we are sending to his pastor and to his bishop. Clare was completely in the right. Any “ordeal” being undergone by Fitzpatrick is entirely his own doing and his own stupid fault. As the Connecticut Catholic Corner blogger pointed out in the earlier post, this isn’t the first time that Father Dan carried on like a heretic.

    He’s still slandering her? He must 1) cease and desist immediately and 2) just as immediately, apologize for the slanders. Until that occurs, I intend to keep the heat on him.

  6. Why do the faithful Catholic bloggers seem to this Catholic like they are out to destroy the Church they claim to love? It’s hard enough to be a priest. Why do we have to tear each other down? This is not the way of charity.

    • Hi Daniel

      If you have been following this tale you will know that Fr Dan posted and retweeted some stuff that is rubbish. One was on the gender of the Holy Spirit, the other was about the outcome of the Referendum in Ireland.

      Clare pointed it that they were rubbish. The said priest responded by threatening legal action against her.

      A couple of things occurred to me. One, if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Threatening legal action was way out of anything resembling proportion. It was outside the spectrum of reasonable response.

      More importantly, it is not charitable and is not in the interests of anyone to let such nonsense pass unremarked. It is not orthodox, it is not mainstream Catholic and pretending it is does no one any favours.

      These “faithful Catholic bloggers”, as you accurately describe them, are NOT “out to destroy the Church they claim to love”. Quite the opposite. They are seeking to uphold and support the Church that they genuinely love. And I agree with them (even if I don’t always agree with everyone about everything).

  7. For the future reference of others who may be threatened or intimidated by this rather gullible young priest, I think you would be doing them a service by prominently publicising the names of his parish, his diocese and his bishop on your blog.

    Well done for sticking to your guns. Heretics, whether they be material or formal heretics, need to be faced down at this time more than ever. They are attempting to destroy the Church from within and threats and intimidation are typical of their M.O. Things will get nastier yet in the run up to the Synod.

  8. He is still posting self-pitying comments about being attacked and persecuted. Why doesn’t his bishop just grab him warmly by the throat and tell him to apologise ? It would put a lot of us ordinary Catholics out of our misery.

    I think he is a young, naive, not overly-bright, gullible yet well-meaning catholic. He should stay well away from social media. He’s not up to it.

    This whole scenario is exhausting me. I’m going to stop reading about it.

  9. You are more charitable than I am, fishwrap. As far as I’m concerned, the guy’s a power hungry nut case. He’ll lay low for a little while and then come back again when he thinks everyone has forgotten about this. I’ve seen what a GOOD young priest looks like, and this ain’t it. What he needs is a long, hard sit down with his Bishop. Of course, the Bishop’s the one who ordained him in the first place…where does that leave us?

  10. Kudos to you, Clare Short, for standing firm in truth. As for Fr. Dan, he deals in falsehoods, and when caught at it, he whines and wallows in self-pity. Grace builds upon nature. You possess a great foundation, Clare Short. But Fr. Dan has already begun to sink into the mess of his own making.

    @Chalcedon451. There’s been enough condescension and falsehood from Fr. Dan. You will add to it yourself?

  11. Why doesn’t he just clarify whether he supports the teaching of Jesus Christ on marriage or not?

    Fr Dan Fitzpatrick and Fr Marc Lyden-Smith are known, and looked up to, by many young Catholics in England as the ‘Podfathers’. They were also given an on-stage interview at the recent CYMFED Flame 2 Congress alongside the homosexual activist Fr Timothy Radcliffe with 7,000 youth in attendance.

    If Frs Dan & Marc have also bought into the homosexual agenda, then it is of graven concern that the Flame 2 organisers i.e. Fr Dermott Donnelly, John Toryusen and Fr Dominic Howarth are promoting so many people at Flame 2 with a homosexual agenda.

  12. I used to support an organisation called “Youth 2000” financially, but after they advertised “Flame 2” on their web-site, I stopped my contribution. Prior to stopping my contribution I challenged them as the speakers are anything but Catholic. They seem to have their own agenda – corruption of the youth!
    Thank you Clare for challenging Fr Dan and standing firm in Catholic doctrine
    Fulton Sheen was certainly prophetic when he said the laity would save the church.
    God bless,

  13. It can be argued that “Flame 2” etc. does not represent the Holy Spirit or the Roman Catholic Church, but some Pseudo- Catholic church. Certainly young people in England are being led astray by the so called Church and clergy there.

    It’s very sad that a Cardinal like Vincent Nichols in London encourages young people (by proxy) to the evils of sins against chastity and purity, by way of introducing and sharing a stage with preachers like Fr. Radcliffe.

    I too have seen comments regarding the Youth 2000 organisation, advertising and encouraging young people to attend this event with the likes of Vincent Nichols & Radcliffe. Youth 2000 were Catholic at one time, but it’s very sad how the ‘smoke of Satan’ has crept into the Church from the top down to such organisations.

    Before you know it, we will have a Pope who says he does not believe in a Catholic God and employ Fr. Radcliffe as an adviser.
    Oh dear, that’s already happened – sorry!

    God Bless
    Sr. Colette

  14. I’m quite late to this story. Just discovered this blog. It’s great.

    But I wonder why the priest would consider his first recourse to be a law suit. Wouldn’t civil legal action be the very last thing he might consider–after talking directly and then talking directly with a Catholic witness and then taking the matter to the Church?

    I pray all this worked out.

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