Another boring Valentines day, Another boring Mass.


Last week I was visiting a church near to us. I went into the sacristy before Mass to speak to a friend of mine. She was busy getting things ready for Mass and was showing me where all the vestments and altar linens were kept. She asked me if I would like to serve Mass that day. With a heavy heart I said “No, thanks. I’m a girl!”

That threw me a little bit and it wasn’t until i got home later that day that I realised that something very, very disturbing indeed was going on in that sacristy. The used altar cloths – the corporals, and the purificators used by the priests and the ministers of Holy Communion were not being properly rinsed after Mass. Instead they were being tossed straight into an old cardboard box where they would wait to be picked up by the cleaners and put through the washing machine. This meant that small parts of our Lord’s body and precious blood were getting washed down the drain. With our Lord’s body and blood on this linen, this old cardboard box shoved under the sink was in-fact acting as a tabernacle.

I spoke to a priest friend about this and he told me that there is no way in the world this should be happening. I was horrified. I felt sick to my stomach. I was so distressed by this that I didn’t sleep that night. How could this possibly be happening? Did no-one realise what was happening? Did no-one care?

In the morning I cancelled all my plans for that day and set about buying the things that were needed to set this situation right. I bought a glass bowl that the linens could be soaked in, a clothes dryer they could be hung out on, I replaced the old cardboard box with a plastic crate and put instructions for the priests and ministers of Holy Communion explaining how the linens needed to be rinsed by the priest before going into the laundry. I spoke to the sacristan that morning who had never really considered what was happening but agreed with me that it could not continue. I spoke to some of the priests who agreed with me that it could not continue.  I set up all the stuff in the sacristy and said the chaplet of Divine Mercy, begging forgiveness for the way His body and precious blood had been treated. I went home feeling uneasy – but better.

That night I sent an email to the priests of that parish explaining what I had done and also saying “… although there are many clubs, groups and initiatives within the parish, the central focus should always be Jesus in the Eucharist. And if we cannot get respect for Jesus in the Eucharist right, then any other work we do is quite frankly useless…”

I spoke to another priest friend that night and told him about the situation. He was embarrassed to say that he had also been failing to rinse the altar cloths properly after Mass, but that he would not be making that mistake again. It started to dawn on me that this was probably not a one off situation. My heart sank. No, it broke.


The next morning I got a call from the parish manager. She had removed all the stuff I had put into the sacristy and proceeded to call me a “very naughty girl” for acting without getting specific permission from the parish priest (who’s day off it was yesterday). I apologised and said that in any other circumstance I would agree with her, but on the issue of the blessed sacrament being disrespected then I’m afraid I had no other choice than to act that day. She asked me who was in charge of the parish. I said Christ. She disagreed with me! It seems that by not following strict parish protocol I had somehow offended her to the point of undoing time and space. She was more concerned with the fact that I hadn’t got an email reply from the parish priest, than she was about our Lord’s body and precious blood getting washed down the drain. I told a priest friend about this and he told me not to worry too much. He said “Clare, if she had been around on the morning of the resurrection she would have complained to Jesus that He had left cloths in the tomb!”

So now what was I to do? I sent a letter of apology to the priests:

“…I’m very sorry if I have caused any offence by trying to sort out the used linen situation in the sacristy.
The parish manager called me today and explained that under no circumstances must I act without the approval of the Parish Priest.
I understand and agree with this, but in this circumstance my responsibility was to my Lord. I’m afraid once I found out what was happening, I knew the situation needed rectifying that day. I simply could not be responsible for His Body or Precious Blood being disrespected in that way for a second longer.
I was also aware that if anyone else was to find out what was happening it would cause great embarrassment to the parish.
I’m sorry if I have caused distress, and of course it is up to the parish priest if he wants the linen situation to continue in the way it was? But I assumed that he would have been as horrified as me…”

I just couldn’t understand how the parish priest was letting this happen? Either he didn’t know he was supposed to be doing this – which is a FAIL. Or he did know he was supposed to be doing this but wasn’t bothering – FAIL. Or even worse, he didn’t believe those altar cloths were carrying our Lord’s body or precious blood – MAJOR FAIL.

How was it possible, I thought, that the relationship this priest has with Jesus (assuming he has one) has got so dry, so mundane. How is it possible that his heart has become so cold that he is not moved to tears by this situation like I am?


And then my husband asked me a question: “Sooooo honey! What shall we do for valentines day this year? Hot crazy sex under the stars? A mad shopping weekend in Paris? A hot air balloon ride over the Pyramids? Or shall we just do what we’ve done every year for the last decade and get a take-away and watch Arnold Schwarzenegga movies?”

“Meh.” I replied. It kinda struck me at that point that I had probably been judging that poor priest unfairly.

Let me be the first to admit that I take my spouse for granted – everyday. We have been married for 15 years. And anyone who has been married for more than about 5 minuets will agree with me that the mind blowing-ness of well, everything tends to wear off pretty soon – well day-to-day at least. Eating dinner together every night, having sex, watching films, conversation, all gets a bit, blah. And of course the relationship will go through good patches and bad patches. And in the bad patches we would rather just not be around each other at all to be honest, but we have made a life long commitment so we just get on with it.

Now who am I to say that this priest is not going through a bad patch in his relationship with Jesus? And who am I to say whether the relationship has just got a bit, blah? This good and faithful priest has said mass pretty much at least once EVERYDAY for the last 40 years or so. And that is besides all his other duties. I can’t even say whether I have the backbone to survive marriage for 40 years?! Who knows? The thought sends shivers down my spine to be honest (and my poor husbands too he!he!).

But, I am also a mother. And if it was my son’s blood on that cloth, and I was standing I the sacristy after Mass, you can bet your bottom dollar the priest would not be throwing that altar linen into a beat up old cardboard box. And for us as laity, do we prepare properly every time we receive Jesus? Or has that become routine too? Forgive us Mother Mary, for routinely disrespecting your Son in this way.

In hindsight I would have approached this whole situation differently by going straight to the parish priest and bringing up the subject with gentleness and compassion. But instead I just reacted, all be it justifiably, but it has still resulted in a massive evangelisation FAIL on my part in regards to the needs of the priest. Now, somehow, I have got to find a way to sort it all out “…That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into!”

Finally, may I ask all the priests who read this blog to have a think about if this is a situation that is going on in your sacristy? If it is, please, please take steps to ensure the Blessed Sacrament is not washed down the drain. And know that I am praying for you. I love you, and I understand that a lifelong vocation is not easy, but it is worth it.

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  1. At the beginning of the protestant reformation the Bible was translated into English by the hard core anti-Catholic William Tyndale.

    In this bible he changed the word for ‘church’ with the word ‘congregation’. He then replaced the word ‘presbyter’ (clergy) with the word ‘elders’.

    ….the rest is history, and the protestant reformation destroyed ultimate truth.

    However, what about the (Catholic) internal protestant reformation since Vatican II which is based on the same principles…………?

    Although, liberal Catholicism is underpinned by the heresies of situationism, relativism, moral relativism, preference utilitarianism, dontanism, pelagianism, semi pelagianism (as often quoted by the inimitable Paul Priest) we can see in one foul swoop just how the laity in your church were protestantised by this erroneous bible translation which has come in to Catholic Church from the protestant and non-conformist churches. The internal protestant reformation since Vatican II in the Catholic Church has made the laity erroneously believe that the Catholic Church is a democracy – with the the Tyndale ‘congregation’ & ‘elders’ in charge (i.e. the laity), with them holding ultimate power.

    This is one of the primary reason for the loss of the authentic Catholic faith.

    On Valentines day do yourself a favour and find yourself a Traditional Roman Rite Latin Mass to attend. He you will find the priest 100% in charge, no laity falsely believing that they are part of a democracy, and no priest or member of laity washing Jesus down the waste disposal.

  2. “On Valentines day do yourself a favour and find yourself a Traditional Roman Rite Latin Mass to attend. He you will find the priest 100% in charge, no laity falsely believing that they are part of a democracy, and no priest or member of laity washing Jesus down the waste disposal.”.

    Absolutely right! BUT, if she hadn’t been there this awful practice would have continued. And maybe, just maybe Clare has, if not made it stop, at least made them think that it should. Thank you Clare for trying to protect the Blesséd Sacrament. Please Lord give us courage like hers.

  3. You have been given the gift of understanding the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, the King of Kings there before you being treated like . . . old dirty laundry, and you reacted to the very grave and real sacrilege that existed and that needed to be remedied. If not you, who else would have done it? No one. If you walked away, this would still be going on, the sacrilege perpetuated, who knows for how long. And that is just unacceptable. You did the right thing, you had to, and the way you did it was out of love for our Lord. So what you were scolded by the woman “in charge”; she no doubt was ashamed of her own indifference but, like most of us, couldn’t admit that easily, so she reacted the way she did. I have no doubt that she has now changed the way she will take care of this, and you helped her even though she may glare at you for it for a while. At some point, she’ll thank you. And I bet that your plastic bin will be there again.

    I appreciate your kind understanding of the priest and giving him the slack you are. Maybe he has become a little careless, familiarity having that effect on us all. I trust you will find that he will understand why you did what you did, and he will probably thank you for it too, and may even thank you for giving him a boost. Just let him also know that you appreciate him for being a priest for your parish.

    As I read and write this, I keep thinking of the parable of the good Samaritan. Perhaps, you and I should take some time now to read it.

    Finally, don’t ever give up on your husband or your marriage! Cuddling and watching old movies, with all the small talk, can be a beautiful way for us to spend the night with our spouses, and appreciate the blessing of our marriages.

    Thanks for sharing this situation. It’s comforting to know people care about the Eucharist and our Lord the way all Catholics ought to all the time.

  4. WOW! This article threw me for a freaking loop, I felt blood draining from my face! I just now realized that when I was a Sacristan, then as a simply professed Religious Brother….I was never told of these things one has to do before washing Sacred Linen! What have I done to you dear Jesus?!

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