“Don’t be afraid to love your husband.”


A few weeks ago the Lord was calling me to do the Stations of the Cross. So I did. At each Station He told me, as if helplessly and hopelessly in love, “I did this for you…”. Once I had completed all the stations He kept drawing me back to the Crucifixion. He just wouldn’t let me go from this picture of Him, arms stretched out hanging on the cross.

More recently I was at a wonderful concert held inside our church. At one point in her life, the lady singing had been given 3 months to live due to cancer. Eight years later she is still here singing! It was truly inspiring.

I noticed that the sanctuary light was still on. They had decided to leave the Eucharist inside the Tabernacle. I felt slightly uneasy about this but as we were both here listening to this incredibly talented soprano, I decided to make conversation. As soon as I did I felt His presence very strongly within the tabernacle, and then (as sometimes happens) I felt His presence come out of the tabernacle and stand right next to me. My heart started burning and I was thinking “Ok – it’s not a great time right now! There are lots of people around at the moment and I don’t want to do anything um, weird!”

Just then I was completely and utterly overcome with the most awful dread and terror. It was so consuming and overwhelming that I was afraid I might scream or something. It was the fear that used to overcome me everyday when my husband was first diagnosed earlier this year with CFS. The fear I feel when I think that he may never recover. The daily fear we are facing now of having 3 kids and no income. Then this fear moved from within me to outside of me – right in front of me – so I was looking at it from the outside.

Then I became aware of the presence of my husband. He was at home looking after the children – but it was as if he was right in front of me. Then Jesus told me “Don’t be afraid to love your husband.” It’s true. Since his diagnosis I have been afraid to love him. Straight after that Jesus ‘took’ all the fear away. It just evaporated. Completely gone, in a second. I asked Him “Did you just heal me?” because that’s what it felt like.

The concert carried on for a while and then Jesus brought my attention back to the Crucifixion station just to the right of me that I had been looking at a few weeks before. He said to me “When your husband stretches out his arms to embrace you, it’s not just him you are embracing – it’s Me.” 

This has given me plenty to think about. My  prayer for 2014 was ‘teach me to suffer’ and I can truly say that I have learned more about this than I ever thought possible. The most fascinating part of all this is the relationship between love and suffering. Love takes the fear out of suffering. It puts the joy into suffering. Love puts the victory into suffering. It conquers suffering. I am no longer afraid to love my husband.

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    I usually do the Stations every morning before Mass. Why? To remind myself that Jesus suffered and died for my sins. My love for Marianne, my wife, grew stronger over these past years as I took her frail body into my arms. The sicker she got, the closer I became for her, embracing Jesus in her heart and soul. I miss taking care of her needs, medical, spiritual, and temporal. I loved bring her Holy Communion on Sundays. I felt more united in spirit with Jesus and Marianne, my dear spouse. I hope she is in heaven, praying for me. I really need those prayers as I struggle with these last days of my life on earth. Thanks for this post, Clare!!!

    • Deacon John, that is a beautiful reply in its own right. It is a privilege to care for someone and accompany them as they complete their time on earth; so many think of it as a burden and want to hasten the process, but we need God’s good time to learn what we need to know and can only learn in the natural course of events. That time is a very precious opportunity to prepare ourselves for the great adventure that is our destiny – our entry into the next life.

      May God bless you on your journey!

  2. Hi Clare,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. It is challenging, encouraging and moving. We also live in the parish, and I would love to meet you. I am also a mother(7), so I love all the different things you write about.

    God bless,