Little Tabernacles


At morning Mass last week i was soooo sleepy and having difficulty concentrating after receiving Jesus in Holy Communion. I apologised to Him and tried really, really hard to concentrate (you know when you try to pray so hard that your face actually screws up into a ball?! – well that’s what i was doing.)

“Why are you projecting all your prayers outside of you? I’m here within you!”

I became very strongly aware of Jesus’ presence within me, and then also within all the other people in the church who had just received Holy Communion. I stayed within this reality as Mass ended and watched in wonder as the congregation left, one by one – each one of them a little Tabernacle taking Christ out into the world.

I wondered how many of them knew what they were carrying…

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  1. When I first became a Catholic my aunt (who had been instructed by the nuns pre-Vatican II) tried to teach me the basics of Catholic ways. I remember her telling me that, whilst you used Holy Water on the way in to Mass, after Communion you didn’t because you didn’t need it, given what you had just received. So I don’t.

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