Hilarious conversation between St. Therese of Lisieux and a Facebook scammer!

On Facebook this is my profile pic:

Therese_von_Lisieux (1)

It is a picture of St Therese of Lisieux. So you can imagine my surprise when I received a personal message telling me this:

“Hello. How are you doing? nice to meet you my dear i got Attracted in your good looking profile and really wish if we can be friend.” 

It was from this guy: 


It didn’t take me 5 seconds to work out that this guy – Jordan Caihoun was a scammer.
The next day he contacted me again! And this time I though it was time to have a little fun…

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “Hello”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “Hi”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “how are you?”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “Good thanks!”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “Thanks a lot my dear friend for your reply and it is my pleasure having you as my friend, and what name should i call you often.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “St. Therese, but my friends call me ‘little flower’.”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “Knowing one another is a gradual process and here are few things I think you should know about me, I am an American Citizen and also an American soldier and before I was serving in the American Army base in United State but right now I am leading a troop in Qabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan, I am serving in the military of the 3rd Infantry Division in Qabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “I am a Carmelite saint who lived in the late 1800’s in Lisieux, France. Do you like roses?”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “so much”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “So do I ! I like to obtain graces for people and send them as a shower of roses to those who pray with me!”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “Actually I entered facebook because I am searching for a wife, my wife died 6 years ago and left me with 1 son Because of the nature of my job I can not get the chance and time to meet people out side so I decided to use this media because I have promised my kid that I must get a wife and step mother for her soon. Please let me know if you will be ready to spend the rest of your life with me and if you think it cannot work for us that will not be any problem we can just be very close friends okay. I wait for your reply.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “Well, I have taken a life long vow of celibacy – so that might be an issue I suppose?”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “building relationship is a gradual process but falling in love is just for second. My sweet darling your status will not stop me from loving you, i believe in the inner most beauty of a woman which i believe you posses.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “The innermost beauty is that of total submission to His will. And I desire to suffer to bring all sinners back into His love! Even you ;)”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “Honey I know we don’t see each other yet,but I want you to agree with me that true love is addicted and distance cannot stop us when we are deeply and truly in love. So please give me a chance to love you more because I feel some thing strong here for you as love and I believe I will make you a total woman and give you love that you will like and you never did before.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “That love you speak of is real! So real! And I have found my love in the desert of Carmel! My love, my Lord, is everything to me. No love is greater than the love I have for my Lord!”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “the love of the lord is the greatest”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “I think it is the little things in life that are important, don’t you agree?”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “yea i strongly believe you”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “Sometimes just a smile or a kind word is enough to lift a despondent soul. What do you think?”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “I am ready to entrust my treasures into your care If you make me believe in you to prove my love to you baby.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “What is your name?”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “My full names is Jordan Caihoun, an American National and I am still in Afghanistan but will be going back to my country soon.”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “No, your real name. Don’t be scared – I won’t judge you. My name is Clare 🙂 I want to pray for you, for your life, so you can find a good job and stop living this Facebook lie. That is no good for you.”

10996539_1386336561679522_4940367648327555666_n “So nice to have you as my new friend and pray that the almighty God will help us have a mutual friendship that will profit us in future…”

Therese_von_Lisieux (1) “Let me pray for you. Tomorrow I will offer my prayers and fasting for you. But tell me your name my friend, please…”

And at this point, Jordan Caihoun suddenly de-friended me. God bless him! And God forgive my mischievous nature 😉